9 thoughts on “The APA has released a statement on bullying and harassment

  1. After reading this statement, I have to confess that I’m glad I (i) did not renew my APA membership and (ii) no longer serve on the APA Public Philosophy committee. Uncivil speech is inevitably part of public discourse. Threats should not be. Call the police if you’re threatened with physical harm. Verbal attacks or insults directed at someone because of their race, sex/gender, age or disability status should be met with better arguments, not group censure or public shaming. Let the marketplace of ideas do it’s work. Cease and desist language is for lawyers, not philosophers.

    • With due respect, this problem has little to do with uncivil speech. The problem is one of sustained campaigns of harassment coordinated by social media influencers and their cohorts at volumes that typically render the victim unable to use that forum for discourse any longer. It’s not uncivil speech at all; it’s just a torrent of anonymous smearing with the single common goal of scapegoating and silencing capable voices. Cease and desist language are for anyone who actually needs it.

  2. Many thanks to the members of the Committee for Public Philosophy and the Committee on the Status of Black Philosophers for their clear, thoughtful statement. I know there are many who join me in finding in its contents a representation of our hopes for our profession.

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