What Are You Reading? (February 1–7)

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another open thread to discuss what we’re reading for our research, and perhaps to recommend things to one other!

Our hope for these threads is not only to allow blog readers to get a snapshot of the sort of work being done by other APA members, but also to provide an opportunity for readers to connect with people who are working on related projects, as well as to help people find out about other things worth checking out.

So don’t be shy! Tell us what you’re reading.

7 thoughts on “What Are You Reading? (February 1–7)

  1. I’m still reading Lambert’s Logica, but in addition, for course prep, I’m reading Nozick’s chapter “Why is there something rather than nothing?” and finding myself unhappy with his re-ification of explanation. It seems to miss crucial epistemological aspects of the function and role of explanation, and I’m curious if my worries will be addressed later in the chapter or not.

  2. We read Vesla Weaver’s “Frontlash: Race and the Development of Punitive Crime Policy” for my Phil Law class this week. Today we’ll be discussing the social narratives around protests and riots, and whether (and when) peaceful protests and/or riots are ever justified.

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